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Review | Save My Soul, K.S. Haigwood

Save My Soul (Save My Soul, #1)Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A marvellous page-turning fantasy tale:

Kendra’s clock is ticking – but it’s not her biological one…it’s her life span. She has only a short time to save her soul, and the only means by which she can do this presents apparently insurmountable odds.

After a terrible accident, Kendra’s consciousness awakes in the hospital to the sounds of Dr. Adam Chamberlain working furiously to save her life. All of her senses are shut down, except her hearing. And this hearing brings her a voice – the voice of a guardian angel offering her a deal. She can live… for one week, if she can convince Adam to restore his faith in God and believe again. If so, she will save his soul – and her own. If not, both souls will be lost to the demonic angel bent on claiming those souls for Hell.

And if she refuses the deal – she dies on the doctor’s table.

She accepts. She heals faster than any medical expert can explain, and she begins her quest to save Doctor Adam’s soul, and her own life. Whispered to and guided by her guardian angel, Rhyan, Kendra becomes entangled in a confliction of attractions: Mason, the nurse who assisted in the operation and who has a seemingly determined intent to make her fall in love with him; Adam, the doctor, who she feels so certainly is her soulmate, and who she finds herself irresistibly drawn to; and her own guardian angel, Rhyan – who has loved her all of her life.

Adam, whose soul she must save, is rigidly opposed to accepting God and allowing Faith back into his life, and the story plays out with intense pacing as we count down the days, hours, and even minutes of Kendra’s life as she fights desperately against Adam’s resistance.

The story has twists, subterfuges, surprises and betrayals peppered throughout, and keeps you guessing at every turn. Even when Adam finds himself drawn to Kendra, he is still resistant to accepting God… after the tragic events of his past.

There are some delicious surprises as we get further into the story, a story which holds the suspense right up to the last minute. It completes with a wonderfully emotional ending making this a recommended must-read!

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