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Review | Bite, Heather Litteral

BiteBite by Heather Litteral
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Product Description...

Meet Skye Jones, newly created vampire and mind reader. Immortal and all-powerful, right? Well, not so much. Before Skye even has a chance to test out her new fangs, she’s on the run from assassins sent by a powerful vampire who fears Skye has read her mind and learned her secrets. If only she had! But Skye isn’t going down without a fight and she thinks may have found a way to stop the attacks for good. How do you fight a powerful, ancient vampire? With another powerful, ancient vampire, of course! What happens next? Murder, mayhem and a mind-controlling scepter. Dark elves, dark nights and dark desires. Two dangerously hot men: one human, one vampire. For reasons she doesn’t understand, the vampire Gabriel is temptation incarnate for her. But what about Ryan, the new human in her life? Who to choose? Who to trust? In the vampire world it’s a fine line between love and death. Sometimes all that separates them is a BITE.

My Review:

Fast-paced vampire thriller:

This story gallops along, with no stream-of-consciousness, no reflective indulgence, just pure action from start to finish. It is the very definition of a page-turner.

Skye has barely adjusted to her new life as a vampire, when she discovers that she has an additional, and very useful ability, not expected and not welcomed by a certain member of the Council. As a consequence, this ancient Council member, afraid that Skye has acquired a secret knowledge she’s not supposed to have, issues a ‘death warrant’ – and Skye is then pursued mercilessly by one assassin after another, all determined to remove this young woman for a secret she doesn’t actually possess.

Skye is on the run, constantly fighting to survive – an existence which makes her a somewhat irritable and temperamental young woman with little patience for anyone – but when she has to fight day-by-day to survive, it’s hardly surprising that she has a rather sarcastic and untrusting attitude.

Enter Ryan, a sympathetic character who understands the nature of the vampire world, has his own grief to deal with, and yet remains throughout, the most patient and understanding partner. An attraction between the two becomes a bond on which Skye finds herself relying more and more. But in order for Skye to fight back against the mercenaries sent to kill her, she must enlist the help of a powerful ancient: Gabriel. And Gabriel is a distraction and attraction that our heroine finds difficult to resist.

The questions posed, can Gabriel be trusted? Can Ryan? And who is her best ally?

This is a compulsive read where the suspense never lets up. There are a few twists on the traditional vamp characteristics, and a pleasant surprise that the story is dismissive of genre-clichés. Although the story ends on a cliff-hanger, it still manages to stand alone as a complete story. Which is to say that the hanger is just an opening for the follow-up book, which I am very much looking forward to reading.


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