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Review | Exiled, M.R. Merrick

Exiled (The Protector, #1)Exiled by M.R. Merrick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seamless blending of fantasy and highly colourful thrills:

Chase Williams is an angry young man, disappointed in what he sees as his own failures to live up to his bloodline legacy. The son of a displeased father, yet a skilful fighter and hunter, he is also, unknowingly, destined for a role as Protector – which, despite his misgivings about his own abilities – the story gradually shows is his true calling. The question posed throughout the novel is – can he live up to it?

Exiled from the Circle for failure to reach his expected potential, Chase and his mother take to the urban environment – living a struggling existence, one in which Chase – a hunter – is constantly battling for his life against demons and killers. He is also trying to work out the duplicitous plans of the Council, whose schemes seem altogether contrary to everything Chase understands about them, and which plans are as evil in their intent as anything the Underworld might plot. He forms a reluctant alliance with a disaffected Council Vampire, Marcus… and with Rayna, a sassy and ever so damn sexy witch.

Battling for his life, fighting to protect his mother and his allies, Chase’s life is one long scrap for survival and understanding. It’s also a voyage of discovery, as he gradually realises that he might have more power than anyone could have expected: it really all depends on how much stress he’s put under!

This is a vivid and graphic fantasy story, with non-stop action and suspense. It slides neatly between urban scenery and an alternate dimensional arena. It’s also a story of conspiracy and double-dealing… making you wonder who the hell can Chase trust. There is a delicate romance element between he and Rayna – and Rayna herself is a strong secondary character, with a role to play that’s far more important than you could possibly guess.

A furious, all-action adventure story set with a backdrop of magic, demons, and vampires. Richly detailed and descriptive, this fantasy crosses genres effortlessly. Thoroughly engrossing story. Recommended.

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